Personal Training

Vivacity UK Ltd offers sessions that are varied, challenging and motivating. Whether they are on a one to one basis, in pairs or in groups, there will be a programme tailored to suit you.
Training can take place in the gym, the home, or the park, but no two sessions will ever be the same!

Function and fitness tests, posture and biomechanical assessments are on offer and exercises can be given to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Athletes or those completely new to exercise can benefit greatly from personal training.


Whether you are running your first 5K or marathon, taking part in a triathlon, wanting to improve your golf technique, play football or improve skiing, then Vivacity UK Ltd can help in all areas of your chosen sport or activity.


Working closely with physiotherapists and osteopaths, there has been huge success rates in helping individuals recover from medical conditions, injuries and those that have had surgery. Vivacity UK Ltd has vast knowledge and experience in helping with back pain, neck pain and posture in particular. Pre and postnatal programmes have proven to help immensely with safe training and advice before and after the birth.


Advice on exercise and nutrition can help people who are desperate to shift some weight and those who are keen to put on some muscle. Fat loss and toning programmes coupled with training techniques and nutritional guidance, will help individuals see their body shape change and their energy and confidence rise. The results you want can be challenging but achievable with the correct training and diet.