Take a look at my client testimonials:

‘Three minutes on a treadmill seemed like an eternity yet I am now running 10km and think nothing of it. Amazing, yes (to me) as not only have I lost almost 20kg, but to be able to run that distance was just something I had never before thought possible.My quality of life from reduced stress, higher energy levels and self confidence is equally amazing and that is the greatest achievement for me on a personal level.’

‘Losing my postnatal weight was a massive boost to my self confidence and it was just great to have my pre- baby body and energy levels back so relatively soon. Kelly definitely knows her “stuff” and understood exactly what I needed. We are planning to add to the family this year and I shall certainly be back to place myself in her very capable hands both during and after my pregnancy.’

‘My job involves boozy lunches, dinners and sitting at a desk all day.I thought I could get away with it until my Doctor said I needed to lose weight partly due to a condition called Sleep Apnea which can be dangerous as excess fat around the neck can cause breathing to stop for short periods in the night. Kelly understands my lifestyle and has taught me ways to change my eating habits and our sessions are fun and varied which means I no longer dread the thought of the gym. My condition has improved and I have lost 2 stone over the past year and have never felt better.’

‘Kelly has a wonderful ability to push you more than you think achievable. There is a good variety to her sessions and everything is done with great humour and understanding. I have accomplished a great deal more than I thought I would and have no reservations in recommending her to anyone looking to improve their fitness in a really enjoyable fashion.’

‘I have had personal training with Kelly for just over two years. My job is very busy and I use the sessions to clear my mind and stay fit. I am definitely fitter as a result and having never been a frequenter of the gym previously, I am now committed to it and actually enjoy it.’

‘My primary reason for selecting Kelly was her ability to understand my specific needs and requirements as a golfer. This involves anchoring my training around core stability and I strongly believe my work with her has improved my golf handicap.’

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