Nutrition AdvicePeople often think that they do not eat too badly, when in fact they may have habits that are truly damaging to the waistline! By having correct knowledge and a positive attitude to healthy foods, we can not only change body shape but also reduce stress, improve energy levels and digestion and boost self confidence. The right nutritional recommendations, which may include the need for supplementation, can lead to significant health benefits and correct any underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hormone imbalances. Whether you wish to gain muscle or drop body fat (and keep it off) we can offer you sound nutritional guidance that will enable you to have long lasting results and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

A nutritional consultation involves building a detailed picture of your lifestyle. Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire including a food diary that will enable us to know more about your eating habits, medical history and general health. We will assess digestion, blood sugar balance, hormones, weight, stress levels, exercise, work/life balance, shopping habits and foods that you like to eat. We will help you to make realistic changes that fit in with your lifestyle and give you a clearer understanding and knowledge of nutrition. We do not advocate faddy diets, calorie counting or the removal of whole food groups but to encourage a few tweaks to your normal eating habits and lifestyle.

After your consultation you will be provided with a tailored nutrition plan, nutritional guidelines, meal and snack ideas, information on any tests and supplements that may be recommended and advice on any follow up consultations that may be required.