postnatal assessment in London

Postnatal Assessment

I can come to you once you have had your baby where I can assess how you and your body are feeling post birth. I will explain the why’s and how’s of how to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and go through the importance of training this group of muscles in a realistic way for time poor Mums.

I offer ‘rec checks’ where I can feel if there’s a gap in the abdominals and will explain that it’s not all about the muscles coming back together, but more about the tissue underneath getting stronger in a gradual and progressive way to withstand abdominal pressure. I will show you some pelvic floor exercises and core strengthening exercises that are suitable for you as an individual and explain how the body is cleverly connected together.

I will also check posture and give you the information you will need to strengthen what is weak and stretch what is tight to help with recovery and injury prevention.

I want you to appreciate your amazing body and acknowledge the wonderful but traumatic way in which your body has made a little person. You can get strong, fit and confident again but jumping straight back into the wrong type of exercises too soon can be detrimental so be patient, take things slowly and progressively and you’ll recover much faster.

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    Post Natal Assesment