Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots Classes

Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots Classes

Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots is a fun, social fitness class where Mums (and Dads, Grandparents, nannies or child minders) can bring their little ones along for the fun. “Meet other Mums, make chums and tone your tums all at the same time!”

Class instructor Kelly Pace (and her instructors) have specialist training in exercise for pregnancy and the postnatal period. They provide safe and suitable exercises for both the novice and the experienced exerciser.

It’s not all hard work though as us mums like to have a coffee and a chin wag afterwards!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the classes, and what can I expect?

They are 45 minutes long. (Time for a coffee and a chin wag after too if you wish!) Classes consist of cardio-vascular fitness and strength training to tone and firm the muscles. Classes vary from week to week but they can include band work, body weight exercises for upper body and lower body, whole body circuits, core strengthening and tummy flattening exercises.

Depending on exercise you have done previously, and the current stage of your fitness, determines the level of exercise for you in the class; there will be alternatives and level options given. Listen to your body as one woman at 10 weeks postnatal could feel very different to another woman at 10 weeks postnatal. If it is your first class, please try and come 5 minutes prior to the start. If your baby cries or needs feeding during the class do not worry, you can dip in and out as required; it is expected at a class with babies so it is not a problem at all. Children and babies of any age are welcome to come along.

Before your first class, please submit a health form online. You can then buy a block of 5 or 10 sessions (you can do individual ones but it is more expensive this way) and contact me for bank details please.

What should I bring to the class and what should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothes that enable you to move easily and appropriate footwear is essential. Do not forget waterproof clothes on wet days (rain is not an excuse!). Bring a water bottle and a sweat towel, if it is a very hot day, and something to lie down on to do the core and abdominal work. Indoor classes have mats available for use in certain venues but it is advisable to bring your own. Play mats and some toys are provided to entertain the babies!

How much does it cost?

Individual classes are £15 each. Block bookings of 5 are £10 each (£50) and block bookings of 10 are £9 each (£90.) Both blocks have an extra 3 weeks added before expiry so the £50 block will be valid for 8 weeks from the date of the first class and the £90 will be valid for 13 weeks. (Life with little ones means you can’t always stick to your plan!)

When should I start the classes?

Once you have had your GP 6-8 week check and have been given the all clear, then you are ok to start. Exercises will be individually tailored and not necessarily the same for everybody. You should see how your body feels after childbirth, especially if you had a caesarean delivery. Equally, if it has been months since you gave birth and have never done any exercise, then it is not too late to start now. If you are pregnant, you may begin at any time provided you do not have any complications that preclude you from attending the class.

Where and when are the classes held?

From March through until November we are outside at Kneller Gardens, Meadway, Twickenham TW2 6PH. We meet next to the cafe opposite the childrens playground and classes are every Wednesday at 10:30am. I take the classes indoors in winter to Twickenham Scout hut, 43 Seymour gardens, Twickenham, TW1 3AR

Please fill out this health questionnaire before attending your first class:

    7. Have you ever had any of these:
    Shortness of breath/dizzinessAsthmaVaginal bleedingMiscarriageHypo/HyperglycaemiaDiabetesHypertensionElevated cholesterolChest pain

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      Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots Classes