Menopause Consultations

Menopause Consultations

Menopause is a natural transition that should not be feared. I provide information and education to help minimise symptoms, and strongly believe that being in better shape, both physically and mentally, can ease the changes in your body.

I work with many mid-life and peri- to -postmenopausal women. When we experience change in our bodies, at this stage of life, some women note that previous strategies for diet and exercise are not as effective anymore.

As we grow older, metabolism and muscle mass decreases, which can lead to weight gain. Coupled with stress and disrupted sleep, which in turn affects blood sugar levels and hormones, it can result in a desire to eat fatty and sugary foods.  This creates a vicious circle; the less sleep and higher stressed a person is, the more they will crave sugary food, and the more body fat is stored.

Stress management is vital and building resilience and practising self- care is of top most importance. I enable clients to turn negative thoughts about menopause into positive ones and help women in this time of their lives realise that looking after themselves and making certain lifestyle choices are essential, not optional.

Exercise should not feel like a punishment. Strength and resistance training have huge benefits.  Bone, heart, brain, breast, digestive, pelvic, muscle and joint health are all affected by the menopause. Strength training increases testosterone, which is an important female hormone that promotes sexual desire, energy and joy. We lose testosterone after menopause, so it has never been more important to get moving for the body and the mind.

I work on strength, balance and flexibility.  My sessions focus on exercises suitable for all fitness levels; ensuring a fit, healthy and enjoyable life.

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