Nutrition Advice in South West London

Nutrition Advice

I love food (and wine!) so having a good relationship with food and having a healthy, happy attitude towards it is the key to great health and wellbeing. By enjoying a wide variety of different kinds of foods, it enables the body to gain all the nutritional benefits it needs, but also to taste different flavours and to celebrate meals, rather than limiting what you put on your plate.

Sound nutritional advice can give you a clearer understanding of food enabling you to eat well and enjoy the things you love. By making better food choices, long lasting results can be achieved as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. I do not advocate faddy diets; I encourage tweaks to normal eating habits so that realistic changes can fit into current lifestyles. This helps to balance hormones, lose body fat (and keep the weight off), aid digestion and gut health and generally feel more energised and healthy.

It is beneficial to know, in detail, what clients are eating during the week and at weekends to get a better understanding of eating habits. I recommend filling out a nutritional questionnaire and food diary before consultation. Click here to access the form.

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