Post Natal Training in South West London

Pre and Post Natal Training

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman, many can feel anxious, excited, scared and unsure of safe levels of exercise and modifications to their usual routine.

I recognise the importance of suitable activities for mothers and mothers-to-be. The correct training is provided to ensure that both mother and baby get maximum benefits. Keeping active during pregnancy can reduce fatigue, back pain, swelling and excessive weight gain. The body can accommodate changes better by remaining as strong and as fit as possible during this time of weird and wonderful hormones and an ever-growing bump.

Working the pelvic floor muscles is vital in supporting the increased weight of the uterus, and to prevent incontinence. Posture, core strength and the muscles of the pelvic floor all work together, it is important to work on these aspects as well as keeping strong and healthy. Maintaining fitness makes for easier pregnancies and labour, aids recovery time, prevents injuries and helps to get back into shape after having the baby. Regular exercise of the appropriate intensity, duration and type is extremely beneficial to postnatal recovery. Re-educating the pelvic floor and core muscles are crucial during the postnatal period, as the abdominal muscles have been stretched and weakened; so it is vital exercises are done correctly to prevent no long-term damage to the body. It is paramount that you take things slowly and progressively and not rush into strenuous exercises that could cause intra-abdominal pressure. Building up transverse abdominal strength to withstand this pressure, and to make progressive adaptions, are going to enable a speedier recovery.

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