Pre & Postnatal

Pre and postnatal exerciseAt Vivacity UK Ltd we recognise the importance of suitable exercise for Mums and Mums to be. The correct exercises are encouraged to ensure that both Mother and baby gain maximum benefits.

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman and many feel anxious about exercise and are unsure of safe levels and modifications to their usual routine. By keeping active it can reduce fatigue, stress, excess weight gain, swelling, varicose veins, back pain, constipation, piles, incontinence and factors leading to pre-eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes.

Many changes happen to the body and hormones can have a softening effect on ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and joints, therefore exercises must be adapted to account for these changes. Working the pelvic floor muscles reduces problems with continence and helps support the increasing weight of the uterus. By providing back strengthening exercises, bad posture, rounded shoulders and lower back pain can be avoided despite the changes of these muscles and the growing weight of heavier breasts.

Exercise can help women have easier pregnancies and labour, aid a faster recovery, get back to pre baby weight and get a flatter tummy. It has been proven to improve the oxygen supply to the placenta and research suggests that exercise can help neurological development and even make babies calmer and happier!

Regular exercise of the appropriate intensity, duration and type is extremely beneficial to postnatal recovery. Re-educating the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are crucial in the early weeks as they may remain stretched and weakened for some time after delivery so it is vital to ensure that exercises are done correctly so there is no long term damage to the body. It is paramount that the internal system heals and that abdominal muscles are safely restored before moving onto other exercises.

We focus on exercises that are functional to Mothers such as resistance work that targets postural and major muscles involved in lifting and carrying. Back strength eliminates unnecessary pain and our goal is to get women back to their pre baby bodies and feeling confident about themselves.

The director of Vivacity UK Ltd, Kelly Pace has always had a passion for pre and postnatal exercise and after giving birth to her son in April 2013, after a successful IVF treatment, she has made it her business to gain as much knowledge as possible in every aspect of fertility and the body.

Kelly has had ongoing training in advanced post natal courses and has since had another baby (a girl) in October 2015 and now spends a lot of time specialising in this field, working with post natal recovery and pelvic floor function.

Kelly pre vs post natal